A List of Small Business that Flourish Regardless of the COVID-19 Impact

Is the impact of COVID-19 that negative worldwide? There is a positive side to everything as well as to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it seems that the whole world has gone u upside down due to the pandemic there are several small businesses that felt growth or increase in production. This article offers a list with a brief description of small business that resists the negative impact of the pandemic.

A List of Small Business that Flourish Regardless of the COVID-19 Impact

Millions of businesses, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations, are the first to be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. There is no doubt that this is bad for companies, but it is an opportunity for many companies, brands, and start-ups around the world. So many times we talk about the bad impact COVID-19 has had on business development but if we take a step back and try to see the good sides of it, we will notice so many jobs and skills coming to the front that we did not even notice before.

Many things, such as how we interact with things/people, online/offline shopping, travel, and how and where we work have changed dramatically. Of course, some of them may be temporary, while others will last longer even if the pandemic ends. However, some of the changes that were made due to the COVID-19 impact aren’t that bad at all. Let’s have a look at how much digitalization has risen in the last couple of months. We cannot say it is to stay as a temporary thing as it has brought to light so many other skills ad jobs that it makes our lives easier. In case someone is to start a new business nowadays one of the factors to be taken into consideration is a COVID-19 factor. For that reason, we bring you a list of business ideas that will be opportunistic during this pandemic and will continue to flourish as opportunities thereafter.

List of Small Business Opportunities that will Flourish Regardless of the Impact of Corona       

  1.  Cleaning Service
  2.   Delivery Service
  3.  Remote Fitness
  4.  Cyber Security Consultant
  5.  E-commerce
  6.  Party (Cleanup) Committee
  7.  Online Reseller
  8.  Freelance Copywriter
  9.  Home Care Service
  10.  Translation Service
  11.  Online Teaching
  12.  Video Editing Service
  13.  Pet Sitting
  14.  Social Media Marketing
  15.  E-book Writing
  16.  Affiliate Marketing
  17.  Accounting or Bookkeeping
  18.  Online Personal Assistant/Virtual Assistant
  19.  Online Therapy
  20.  Content Writer

Cleaning Services

As concerns about the coronavirus spread across the country, it is not surprising that there is a high demand for professional cleaning services that disinfect offices, restaurants, and homes. Because of the pandemic, owners of homes, apartment buildings, high-rise commercial buildings, and corporate offices are reminded to continuously clean and disinfect all common areas to prevent the spread of the virus. With a little bit of organization and few marketing tips that you can find on our site, you could make a pretty good job out of a simple everyday activity such as cleaning.


Delivery Service

During the onset of the COVID-19, a lot of people were afraid to leave their homes, and the government policy was to impose lockdowns to prevent people from going out. Out of this situation, we have a growing demand for delivery service of various things that people might normally go out and buy. Out of this facilitating service during the COVID-19 people started using delivery service even after COVID-19 has settled down. So even though it is possible to go out shopping a lot of people saw this as alleviating service that they continued to use even after. So here, we see how the virus made changes within society that people find pretty usable even without the alarming situations such as COVID-19. Due to the implementation of many delivery services during the blackout period, some of them will continue to provide service for a long time; even the epidemic has passed. Many startups will launch niche markets that have never been delivered.


Remote Fitness

Having technology on the rise during the virus onset, started to have an impact on sports activities as well. Since so many gyms and fitness centers were closed and prevented people from their leisure activities now those activities became available virtually. If you are a professional fitness instructor or would like to become one now it is possible via the Internet with on-demand virtual classes.

Cyber Security Consultant  

Security consultants ensure that organization exceeds the minimum requirements for regulatory compliance. companies hire security consultants to protect their digital assets, which may include consumer data, custom software encryption, and confidential information. Nowadays when digitalization is becoming the main thing in any service the need for security consultants is getting bigger and bigger. If you have IT knowledge you could offer your services individually or even work remotely for some company.

Electronic Commerce

As we have talked about e-commerce in our previous article you can go here (INSERT HYPERLINK). For starting any business e-commerce is becoming a must. Having any knowledge about starting an online business can be of great help. This type of job can be easily done remotely. A lot of companies that have or want to start a business should at some point opt for launching their business online.

Party (Clean-up) Committee

Most importantly, this business does not require intense promotions as you can easily promote your services by distributing your visiting card among individuals, corporate offices, societies, etc. From the skill front, you only require experience in cooking and cleaning. These are similar to cleaning services but they are related to organized parties where people celebrate for several days or a whole night and it’s about cleaning big areas like clubs or huge apartments.

Online Reseller

Although the success of this business requires time and dedication, it is easy to get started and succeed. This is the best option for those who wish to sell unneeded clothes, although you can develop your resale website if

you can. Of course, it does not need to be only clothes you are selling but anything you might find unwanted. Slowly it can turn into a real second-hand online business.


Freelance Copywriter

If you are passionate about writing you can easily turn it into a decently paid remote job. Writing reviews, articles, summaries, or even marketing content. Like with any job mentioned before you should just put a little effort into the promotion of your business even make your website promoting your skills and there you go. Writing is a great skill for any kind of remotely done job.

Home Care Service

If you have professional experience as a caretaker or would like to give it a try, providing care for elderly people or anyone who requires it, could be a great job opportunity for you. Taking care of people could mean different things as well as going to the grocery store helping around the house, cleaning, or just providing good company to someone who feels alone.


Translation Service

Just like with content writing it is pretty much possible to offer translation services on various platforms. If you happen to be a multilingual speaker it will turn out even better for you. For this service, all you need is a good laptop, internet connection and you can start offering your customers a good translation service. It ould save so much time to some people and thus earn you a good sum of money. The pay depends on the service and educational background.


Online Teaching

Since hybrid learning became a thing so many people started looking for instructors to learn online. It saves so much time and offers a possibility to learn from anyone and from anywhere. If you happen to be an instructor or have enough knowledge in a certain area you can offer your services of online/remote teaching in any area. It mostly started with language teachers who started offering their lessons online to students from around the world.

For this service, all you need is a good laptop, secure internet connection, and you can look for your customers. The more expertise you offer the better the price. There are several platforms for freelancers where you can post your services and wait for your first customer.

Video Editing Service

Once you become a master in video editing you can start earning money easily using your creativity. The required skills for this job are to be super fast and super good in video editing and creativity. Some of the apps like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and similar apps offered on the market offer possibility to easily learn how to use them and once you become proficient you can start selling your service.

Pet Sitting

It's no wonder that nowadays more people look at their pets as if they were their kids. For that reason, there is a growing demand for reliable pet sitters. It seems like a good college job but if there are enough marketing skills put into this job could flourish really fast, especially in smaller places. If you love animals, and like spending time with them, this job could be perfect for you. For beginning just print out your number and post it around your neighborhood. Hope the pets will love you back.

Social Media Marketing

When you have a growing business all the small steps seem to like too many jobs to be done. Once your business is on the right track and your team starts to grow there are some tasks you will hand over to someone else as you might be dealing with the bigger picture of the business plan. For every business to flourish and develop more marketing is the main thing. Marketing is done in various ways, but one of the new things that get people jobs is social media marketing. There are people (this could be you) who work just to spread the word about various businesses and they do it using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms.

E-Book Writing

All you need to have is excellent storytelling skills, lovely writing patterns, and a platform where you will publish your eBook. Working with book publishing sites will save a lot of money. Depending on your skills there might be a lot of possibilities for you. 

Affiliate Marketing

You need to make your popularity across social channels, increasing fan following, and actively communicating with your followers. It's mostly about promoting your own business though you can work for someone else and promote their business as well. With a long list of followers, it becomes easier to spread the word around. The higher the profile the higher the income. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping

With a little knowledge of accounting, ledger book maintenance, and some technical skills, you can make a great bookkeeper and make a lot of money. This money has made it possible for people to share the same book and still be miles and miles away. It would be advisable to use social media to promote your business. 

Online Personal Assistant/Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of businesses where people need help with day-to-day tasks in their office. Just like a regular personal assistant, the same goes for a virtual assistant. As digitalization is growing bigger so is the demand for virtual assistants. If you have strong computer and internet abilities, as well as good communication skills, and more. You may swiftly establish yourself in the industry using word-of-mouth marketing. If you have certain advanced talents, such as being multilingual, having a strong grasp of software, or being able to edit video, you may be able to earn more money.

Online Therapy

Mental health treatment in many major cities across the world has entirely shifted from face-to-face counseling sessions to teletherapy sessions. As a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, besides having a desired degree in the profession, your first step should be to start providing internet counseling, often known as teletherapy services.

Content Writer

A website content writer, also known as a web content writer, is a professional who specializes in creating useful material for websites. Every website has a distinct target demographic that needs the most appropriate material in order to attract visitors and generate revenue. Content writer is a type of job that flourishes regardless of any external influences such as pandemics. This job is virtual itself and the demand for professional writers is getting bigger.



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