Black Friday Marketing Secrets

Increase interest of black friday income and cyber monday promotions. Suffering with developing black friday advertising and marketing techniques? You’re now no longer on your own. This year, doubt is with inside the air. In lots of components of the sector, clients are popping out of lockdowns and touring extra freely.

Black Friday Marketing Secrets

So we know that Black Friday is the day of sales every year the Friday after thanksgiving and on that day businesses promote massive discounts for masses of shoppers to take advantage of but oftentimes a lot of small businesses don't know how to go about black Friday or where to start. Every dollar counts so you don't want to just slash prices and kill your margins just for the sake of black Friday.

So how can you participate and take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year while still turning a profit ?

Before we get into how you can run your black Friday campaigns let's start by identifying what customers are usually looking for with black Friday sales. Before you even start planning your Black Friday strategy it's important to keep in mind what your customers want. Determine what it is that your specific target audience would find valuable from you on Black Friday. Align your Black Friday plans with your business goals instead of blindly going into Black Friday and just marking stuff down for the sake of creating discounts you need to. Instead, make Black Friday work for your overall business goals.

Let's answer some of the following questions.

Do you need to re-engage past customers who have been dormant with your brand for a while?

Do you need to get new and old customers alike ready to purchase from you for the Christmas season?

Do you have a lot of old stock from previous seasons taking up storage that you need to get rid of?

You may have found yourself answering yes to more than one of these questions. Pick one or two goals that are a top priority for your business and orient your Black Friday promotion to help you accomplish that goal.

So let's go over a few Black Friday marketing strategies and ideas to help you meet your goals.

You can run a site-wide discount where everything you offer is on sale this is usually appealing to buyers but only if the discount is pretty strong a site-wide discount of 10 percent isn't going to do much. One study found that US consumers expect the average black Friday discount to be between 26% and 50% of the original value so if you cannot reasonably extend a discount that big across all of your products let's look at some more options you can stagger your discount so that you are offering a smaller discount on newer items and a bigger discount on old clearance items that you just need to get rid of anyway.

If your goal from earlier was to get rid of some old stock taking up space this might be a good way to go for you. Another option is you can set a required minimum price customers have to spend to get a discount this is usually referred to as a spend more save more campaign. One-way product-based businesses can do this to create bundles with your products. If you're a service-based business you could say get these two services to get 15% off. The trick here is to set the minimum price point to a number that is larger than your average order value and enough to cover costs so that you're still profiting.

A Loyalty Program

Black Friday's marketing idea is to cater to your loyalty program and if you don't have one now may be a good time to make one. A loyalty program is a marketing strategy in which the buyers collect points for every purchase and eventually after they get enough points they either get a gift or a discount. We see businesses like Starbucks doing this with their app reward program. So good service-based businesses can easily implement a loyalty program too where you offer points for every 50 they spend with you for example and then offer a discount or freebie when they reach 500 points. You can create a point system based on whatever works for you.

Donation Program

Another idea is to donate some of your profit to charity. Again this is a Black Friday strategy that allows buyers to purchase things from you at full price and the incentive for them is to feel like they're making a purchase that makes a difference.

Facebook or Google Ads

If you intend on running Facebook or Google ads for Black Friday make sure you've got everything in both of those ad accounts squared away. If you're using landing pages or those being tracked properly have your payment methods and those accounts been verified. If you sell products has your Facebook catalog or Google merchant feed been set up and approved. Even if you know how to set these things up pretty quickly there are several things that Facebook and Google have to approve throughout the advertising process which often can take days and you don't want to be rushing them three days before Black Friday wondering why they haven't been approved of.

Collecting E-mails

You can create a Black Friday-specific landing page to collect email subscribers. You can provide incentives by saying email subscribers will have first access to your Black Friday deals encouraging users to sign up. A great way to do this is to include an email pop-up on the most popular pages of your website with details encouraging users to sign up if they want the Black Friday discounts before the masses make everything sell out.


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